What We’re Lovin for December

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What Ellen’s Lovin’

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Giving the gift of artisan with love

Edible gifts and experiences is what I am gifting this season to the people that I love.

Things like wine, Constance Popp chocolates, great lotion from Tiber River, honey from Wendell Estate, local pottery or art and even delicious dinners at my house.

What I enjoy including is a beautiful card from a local artist. I always have a stash of beautiful blank cards from local artists that takes a gift from good to great. It’s a wonderful added touch and I really try to match the card to the persons personality, interests or decor. Of course, it also includes a heartfelt message inside.

Happy Holidays!

What Jenn’s Lovin’

Bruschetta Popcorn with Sundried Tomatoes | www.canolaeatwell.com


It’s such an easy to make item that can be as simple or elaborate as you have time. Always a crowd pleaser, endless flavour combinations and can be made without any type of fancy appliance.

My go-to item for gatherings, entertaining or personal snacking this season is Claire Tansey’s Kettle Corn. The recipe is in her latest cookbook, Uncomplicated (also a great hostess gift). I’m also looking forward to trying out this
Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon Kettle Corn combo shared by food expert Andrea Buckett!

What Lynn’s Lovin’

French Onion Soup | www.canolaeatwell.com

Comfort Food

The days are short, and the evenings are so long in December.  This is time of year that I love spending time in the kitchen preparing all my favorite comfort foods – a big bowl of steaming stew, a delicious hearty soup, homey casseroles, and yummy baked desserts. Here are a couple of my favorite recipes to try in December:

French Onion Soup
Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie
Maple Oat Baked Apples
Braised Beef and Vegetable Stew

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235 thoughts on “What We’re Lovin for December

  1. It means time to re-connect with my family at the end of the day. I love family dinners with my teenagers and husband. It is such an important part of our family’s day.

  2. It is a way of holding a family meeting and enjoying each others company in a spontaneous and casual way.


  4. I live sharing a meal with friends. Sharing food, drink, troubles and laughs helps keep us close.

  5. It’s a chance to connect, and build upon relationships. It’s about problem solving, and exciting news shared!

  6. Eating together means sharing time, love and compassion/grace with one another; taking the time to connect with others (family and friends) and make sure that you are doing so in a loving manner through food and time.

  7. To eat together is to get together as a family and share a meal. It’s important to do this not only to have a healthy meal, but to connect with family.

  8. dinner time is almost always sitting together at the table so that we can share and eat well rather than distracted or in a rush

  9. The more simple, quiet, and peaceful: the better the Holiday Season! I love sitting near the Christmas tree nightly, enjoying its beauty and soft glow. Likewise, subtly festive music in the background, warm beverage in-hand, and reflecting on how LUCKY I am to enjoy simple pleasures.

  10. Eating together means being present in the moment while sharing a meal with family and friends with no distractions. Making conversation and making memories is part of that.

  11. Eating together is our family time. It’s a time to chat, and to build a habit of enjoying each other’s company over a good meal.

  12. We always have dinner together. It is a time to sit with the family and really talk face to face in a relaxed atmosphere.

  13. I think that it’s important for a family to eat together at least once a day whenever possible. That’s what we used to do when mine were all kids. It gives you time to chat together and listen to what the kids have to say.

  14. It is very important for us to eat dinner together. It is where we discuss the day, find out how each other is doing.

  15. Eating together as a family is so important in staying connected. Best time to share the stories of your day and just to enjoy the fellowship.

  16. Together is the keyword. Life is too short not to spend it with those we love whether that be eating or otherwise. Eating together is usually joyful and gives us a chance to catch up on the happenings that we could have missed.

  17. I means we can catch up on what’s been doing on in our busy lives, it’s time to make memories and laugh!

  18. It is the time to connect and share. Where everyone puts their phones away and focuses on the delightful food and company present.

  19. Creating new memories, sharing stories and savouring dishes that are made with love and mindful of each others tastes and sensitivities

  20. Eating together is a great way for our family to catch up on each other’s day as well as share a meal together with no distractions.

  21. To eat well together means to sit down as a family or friends and reconnect and share while you are enjoying a meal.

  22. Eating together as a family each night is something that our family values. We talk about each other’s day and reflect.

  23. We try to eat together every day . It is a time to reconnect talk about our day . and just enjoy being together

  24. My parents always put a strong emphasis on eating together and my family is following that wonderful tradition. I think it’s so important to the health of a family!

  25. We always try to eat together at supper time and sometimes at breakfast. It’s a good time to chat!

  26. Dinner is a time to share experiences of the day with each other and have a few laughs while enjoying good food.

  27. To enjoy a meal together and enjoy it while catching up on our days and creating memories at the table

  28. I’m always willing to learn n try new recipes n healthy tip to apply to my life. Also I like sharing new ideas with family members n friends …

  29. It means spending time with family that we don’t get to see every day because of busy lives . It also means a great meal and great conversation.

  30. Definitely sharing laughs and stories and hugs with my family ..best feeling ever..baking Christmas cookies with my four grandkids while they taste test the ingredients lol

  31. I live alone now so eating is not so much fun but when the family gets-together it is a time of fun and chatter around the table. No cell phones allowed.

  32. Eating together means sharing your days highlights and lows, connecting with loved ones, focusing on what’s important, laughing and winding down from the day in good company and food.

  33. I love eating with family and friends because we get caught up on each others lives. Nothing better than breaking bread with loved ones.

  34. eating together is so important to keep a family bonded by sharing ourselves during the meal

  35. Eating together is a time for sharing food with one another and that time is intimate and reverential.

  36. Eating together is not always easy or convenient but we always find time to sit, eat, talk and laugh.

  37. Eating together is the best time to catch up and see how we are all doing! Also making the meal as a family will teach the kids how to work together and understand the importance of family!

  38. with everyone going in different direction, different hours of work or school it is a time we can sit and be together and talk and enjoy a meal together!

  39. It’s a time to gather, pause and support one another. A time to share, not only food, but the events of our day, our thoughts, reflections, worries or laughter.

  40. Eating together is a time for all members of the family to share their day and in doing so it provide a way for the family to bond

  41. Eating together is a time for all members of the family to share their day and in doing so it provide a way for the family to bond

  42. Eating together means a lot to me because of our busy schedules it’s a rarity when we do. When the kids were young we always ate meals together. So when we do now all tech toys have to be put away, even cell phones. It’s time to catch up and maybe even make a new memory or two and share a laugh.

  43. Making Family Memories and Connections over food! It is so important to carry on these traditions,

  44. It means time without electronics to talk about the day, laugh about our delights and test the waters to see that the little ones are not hiding anything that is worrying them. Love it .. add good food and it’s amazing.

  45. We start each dinner with each child telling the very best thing that happened to them that day at school.

  46. It means tradition, family and daily life. It means normal, and never underestimate the power of that.

  47. Sharing a meeting with family gives us a chance to catch up on each other’s lives. It’s very important to make time to spend together.

  48. Eating together allows us time to give Thanks together, we discuss our day’s activities or upcoming events, and hopefully, we tell “the cook” how wonderful the meal was and then offer to clean up the kitchen.

  49. Eating together means time to relax, connect and destress. It’s definitely my happy place so to speak.

  50. Gives us time in our busy day to enjoy a nice meal and catch up on our day, share what we did that day.

  51. To eat together is to have the whole family at the table at the same time. laughing and discussing the day

  52. Sometimes both my husband and I have been fasting all day, so our supper together becomes filled with even more appreciation.

  53. It’s a special time to learn more about your family by sharing observations, opinions, & discussing our lives.

  54. sharing a family meal is very important to our family and at the end we always do gratefuls were everyone says what they are grateful for

  55. Eating together means family time, where we share bread, talk about how our day and give blessings for our food.

  56. Eating together is such a wonderful family occasion where everyone can talk, laugh and enjoy each other’s company!

  57. Eating together is often because we are celebrating an event or an occasion – it’s a way to bond the family!

  58. Eating together and laughing and connecting finding out the little things we miss in day to day hustle and bustle

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